Jennifer Juliette Releases Poignant Track "Small Voice"

Although "Small Voice" is Jennifer Juliette's debut single, this isn't the first time you might've heard the singer — she's been spending the last decade on-stage wowing audiences across the world. Now, she prepares her long-awaited debut EP that showcases her brilliance and musicality perfectly.

Equal parts poignant and powerful, "Small Voice" uses little more than a wistful piano atop her stunning vocals. She pulls from her background in classical music and weaves her own story, the loss of her unborn child, into her music with ease. “It’s about a miscarriage. For me it’s important to get the message out, to normalise it. Opening a discussion about women’s mental health in today’s world.”

Listen to Jennifer Juliette's debut single "Small Voice" now & keep an ear out for her debut EP out later this summer.