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Jordyn Embraces New Chapter with Debut EP "Framework"

If you've heard a song in the background of a commercial or a famous TikTok-er and you can't get it out of your head, you can blame Jordyn. Up until now, the dynamic multi-talented artist, rapper, lyricist, and producer has garnered acclaim with his placements in spots on NFL and Procter & Gamble, along with working with some of the hottest artists like Twista, Jordin Sparks, and Xavier Omar. Now, Jordyn is now embarking on a new chapter: his debut EP, poetically titled"Framework", a word we can assume is a nod to the years he's spent honing his craft and building a foundation for his music.

The lead single — the powerful and infectious call-to-arms track — begins with Jordyn's lush vocals and quickly turns into an ode about persevering against all odds. He sings “Got some voice notes in my pocket/a couple gon turn into bangers/I feel like I was created/So I could be a creator.” With“Multiply” Jordyn describes, “I wanted to create a new flex, that shifts the focus from “look what I have” to “look what I can create.” It’s a declaration that whatever I’m given, however small or great, I’ll work it to my advantage. I think we need that paradigm shift in a genre that can often make us feel insecure, instead of empowered.”

As a whole, the entire EP is a body of work that explores Jordyn's rise through the industry — from seeking out and finding community through difficult moments, making peace with the idea of what success looks like, and refusing to compromise on one's vision. There are stories & themes throughout this EP that others will find comfort in due to their relatability and universality.

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