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Jude the Obscure completes his EP with laidback alt-jazz track 'Moments'

Jude the Obscure arrived earlier this year from the same music scene that recently produced KinKai, Children of Zeus and Nina Cobham with his ear-catching fusion of jazz and hip-hop in 'Strong Enough'. Following that, Jude releases singles 'Chapter 8' and 'Waiting', in that same groove-laden lines. Now, the Manchester-based musician has shared 'Moments', the fourth track to complete his EP of the same name.

It's his most laid-back and jazzy single to date, in which Jude takes a softer, more melodic approach to his speak-sing verses as he ruminates on daily strife.

“‘Moments’ is about hard work; about overcoming the hurdles that life throws at you; about coming out on top in light of the hardships we face in our day to day lives. It’s an anthem of resilience and perseverance – surviving your early twenties with ambition, aspiration and sanity intact is no easy feat. One way or another, we all find ways to cope with what’s going on around us, now more than ever.”

One way in which we can cope is through the catharsis of listening to music and Jude's earthy textures, weaving melodies and effortless style is one we'll be coming back to for some much needed relaxation.


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