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Jude the Obscure portrays resilience and disillusionment in new track 'Strong Enough'

A dash of soul, a swig of hip-hop and a generous helping of jazz is what you'll find in the new single from UK newcomer Jude The Obscure. Growing his craft in the collaborative melting pot of Manchester, the 24 year-old singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Jude has decided to step further into his solo project with the intention fo releasing a new EP later on the year.

Before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's check out JTO's first EP track, 'Strong Enough'. Sitting somewhere between Loyle Carner and Easy Life, the single is a heady mixture of styles that gives room for lively instrumental movements and careful lyrical consideration that portrays both resilience and disillusionment from the perspective of this young musician.

Speaking about 'Strong Enough', Jude the Obscure tells us that:

“I'm especially proud of this tune. I really feel the music captured the message I was trying to get across on this one. The rhythm section maintains this aggressive, punchy feel throughout, giving the perfect underlay for an energised, driven vocal. At the same time, it still has this uplifting, almost euphoric feel to it when the chorus hits. It was a hard balance to find, but I feel it really came together in the end.” - Jude The Obscure


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