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Jude the Obscure's 'Chapter 8' is an upbeat reminder to enjoy life

Good news! Jude the Obscure is back with another dose of his vibrant new-shcool jazz following on from intriguing first listen 'Strong Enough'.

This second installment 'Chapter 8' is an upbeat reminder to enjoy life, even if the grass isn't greener, it's still pretty sweet where you are right now. Over the joyful keys and lively drums, Jude raps in his storytelling fashion with an optimistic perspective. That being said, it's not blind hope that drives this Manchester creative, it's his perservance and willingness to get back up. To illustrate this, here's a line we picked out:"I may fall at a hurdle or two, but as I say before, it ain't nothing but a mentality."

As well as Jude's cups of sages advice ladelled throughout 'Chapter 8', we also love that trumpet which gives such soul to the track. With such instrumental variety, we wish that we could see this band live! Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky.

For now, let's enjoy the sounds of Jude the Obscure streaming below.


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