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Julian Kerins shares live video of 'Jejunity'

Award-winning musician Julian Kerins has a knack for eclectic amalgams, from indie-rock and jazz to folk and blues. Today, he has shared a live performance video for “Jejunity”, a track off his latest LP To Solemn Maia, featuring bandmates Michael Vetter on drums and Michael Schiler on bass.

Discussing the new video, Julian said, “This is the latest installment in the Live at VuDu Studios series. I wanted to showcase the band's instrumental side more, namely the rhythm section with this song.”

Julian Kerins is a genre-spanning frontman seen at SXSW, Great South Bay Music Festival, & Bunbury Music Festival alongside Greta Van Fleet, MGK, Fall Out Boy, The 1975 and more featured on NBC after SNL. With his 6+ octave range, ability to hold notes for 1 full minute, polyphonic vocals, and impressive instrumental work alongside Michael Vetter (drums), and Michael Schuler (bass), they've drawn millions of viewers and wowed thousands across the globe. They're managed by Rick Barker, who managed Taylor Swift to stardom. They're backed by a production team that has worked with Grammy award-winning artists Kimbra, The Mars Volta, and Metallica as well as major networks such as Netflix, Fox, and NBC. Julian recently cameoed in "Gears" by Lamb of God, a Sony Music Production. The trio is planning to resume touring internationally in 2021.  

First-hand experience is always superior to the written word, so listen, watch, and find out what the music means to you. 

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