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Juliet July presents her debut EP 'Palm trees in the mist'.

Amsterdam alternative R&B artist and singer-songwriter Juliet July presents her debut EP - 'Palm trees in the mist'. Radiating an immersive vulnerability, this introspective EP gives you an authentic glimpse whilst carrying you deep into Juliets world.

'Palm trees in the mist' is an expert fusion of contemporary R&B, soul and jazz and is beautifully bestowed within each and every element of the 6-track project. Taking listeners on a reflective journey through a multitude of emotive layers, leading from love, longing and lust onwards to heartbreak and anger, finally resolving in a welcome air of positivity and gratitude in which the saying 'Silver Linings' remains the overarching theme.

The single ‘Gone’, explores the singers sultry, liquescent vocals which effortlessly emit a meditative and soothing energy.

‘Palm trees in the mist’

“Layered moments of mixed emotions. 

Multicolored to grey.

Doors open while locking others.

Finding love while losing it.

The duality.

It has always fascinated me

Just as, the possibility, to choose,

How to make sense of it, this time.

I’d like to say; I kiss the silver linings

Feel the sunshine in the rainbow

And see, the palmtrees in the mist..”

-Juliet July.

You can listen to the whole EP here.

Follow Juliet here:


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