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Jump on common goldfish's adrenalin ride "I Don't Feel Today"

There are always those artists and bands that appear on my radar as a complete surprise. Sometimes they come to my way fresh with a debut and other times it's an act that I've been sleeping on, but once I discover them, I simply can't wait for the next release. common goldfish is one of those. This Tottenham (in London, UK) musician, songwriter and producer shared his first track earlier this year, which was soon followed by another jaw-dropping demonstration of his revivalist sound. Listening to this guy's music, I feel like I'm in the height of the 90's, armed and ready with my rave shoes and smiley face t-shirt. To be honest with you, I've been wanting to turn the clocks again ever since hearing "Feel The Fuzz" and "Shout Louder" and now my wish has been granted again with common goldfish's third track release "I Don't Feel Today". It's wavier than his previous tracks as he taps into the 60's psych-rock movement as well as the 90's Brit-pop sound and the songmaker uses the combination of styles to create the sense of a bustling city and bottled up emotions. The driving backbeat and gritty bass line push the track forwards, complimented by angsty vocals, which are given some reprieve at a couple of release points before the stabbing synths come back in to represent the persistent stresses that one can't escape. The whole song is on the edge of a breaking point and that's one reason I can't get enough - it's like an adrenalin hit every time I listen.

“We are living more and more on top of each other but for some reason we’re becoming increasingly isolated from one another. The rise of independence and individualism has been at the expense of community and a sense of belonging. With the pace of life getting faster and faster, we’re spending more and more time in front of screens on a never-ending quest for instant gratification. I do worry that we’re losing our sense of reality and what matters most – human interaction and connection. Without wanting to bring too much of a downer, I think it’s important to highlight so we can do more about it. I think the rise of the festival scene in recent years has been a great antidote for example – Bringing people together and spreading joy and positivity. I think it's really important for society.”


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