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Kaelin Ellis shares new album ‘After Thoughts’

Multi-platinum music producer Kaelin Ellis has established himself among the top class of producers in the modern electronic/hip-hop beat scene, and has just dropped a brand new album. Kaelin, who has many production credits with artists such as Kaytranada, Waldo, Deffie, K-pop supergroup Exo and many others, stuns with his new 12-track instrumental compilation.

Speaking of his release, Kaelin Ellis said: "This new project is an album of shorts, and after thoughts that followed right after Moments."

Ellis' previous solo instrumental project ‘MOMENTS’ gained some notoriety around the industry from fellow musicians as well as publications including Okayplayer, Lyrical Lemonade and more. More recently he dropped a collaborative EP with Lupe Fiasco that came about when Fiasco was tagged by countless fans on Twitter on a beat video Kaelin had made (that was featured on ‘MOMENTS’). The two then began interacting over Twitter, Kaelin sending beats to Lupe, who rapped over the tracks he liked, all put together whilst being locked down in their respective houses. Kaelin Ellis is currently working on collaborations with many other artists, so keep an eye on him and his future drops.

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