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Kaysin Makes His Thrive Music Debut With Tech House Single ‘Keep Me Waiting’

Kaysin’s “Keep Me Waiting” is an energizing and infectious tech house single that is an incredibly strong one to start your week off with. Out now through Thrive Music, the L.A. based DJ and producer proves why he is an artist to keep your eyes on in 2022.

"I’m extremely excited to finally get Keep Me Waiting out into the world. I made this track to be a club weapon and it’s worked really well at all of my gigs so far. I’m a big fan of long, melodic breakdowns, so I decided to explore a piano driven breakdown that concludes in a massive drop. I’m a big fan of the releases that Thrive has been putting out lately and I’m extremely excited to debut this single with them.

Keep Me Waiting offers a gritty tech-house bassline, a ton of big synths, and a melodic piano house breakdown. The vocal I feel works seamlessly with the other elements and while the record is mostly tech house, it definitely has elements of classic house mixed in."


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