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Leave a Light On is Keir at his most raw and personal. Recorded with long-time friend, Top to Toe singer Fenne Lily, the track deals with loss, longing and friends that help us survive the lows and begin again. The death of his Grandfather, followed by the end of a long-term relationship, left Keir struggling and alone in lockdown. Fenne was there on Facetime throughout. So, when it came to the recording, Keir knew he wanted to share the moment.

“I remember being on FaceTime constantly with Fenne, mostly consisting of her watching me cry. After a little bit of healthy wallowing, I started writing again. In a way, I suppose, the song is about that time. It’s about everything I was feeling.” – KEIR

“To lend my shoulder - and my voice - to my favourite person is a true joy” FENNE LILY

Fenne Lily has built a reputation as an artist that creates expansive music with honest and deeply personal lyrics chronicling her life. Known too, for her sardonic humour and idiosyncratic charm, Fenne has garnered over 100 million streams on Spotify alone with tracks like For a While and What’s Good.

“Fenne was really there for me. Even though we couldn’t see each other in person, she helped me feel like a human again. Because if everything that happened the song and the video are really close to my heart. To have my best friend in the world be part of it all, is so goddamn cool.” - KEIR

Keir has a well-deserved reputation for delivering highly charged, soul-wrenching tracks that draw you in. His explosive debut Shiver and the lockdown anthem Say Love cemented his reputation as one of the most powerful performers around. Though British by birth, Keir signed to Vertigo Records in Germany, building support across the continent and in his home country through tastemakers such as BBC Introducing and more than 70 regional UK radio playlists with prominent packages and interviews on the Student Music


Shot over 24 hours, the Leave a Light On video follows the two singers through their day and into the night, capturing the essence of the two friend’s relationship as it really is. The video and the song are, as Keir points out, are both testaments to the power of friendship as well as the lows of grief.

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