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Kihmy drops melancholic alt-R&B number "Alone With My Pillow"

"Alone With My Pillow" is the emphatic heartbreak single from Italy-via-Switzerland artist Kihmy who uses a timeless mix of R&B, electronica, soul and classic pop to make a highly cinematic listen. The artist has been invested in music since an early age, writing songs as a child before delving into the hedonistic world of EDM culture. However, that wasn't to be her final destination, otherwise we wouldn't have this sultry alt-R&B number on our hands. A turning point for Kihmy was when she discovered hip-hop, soul, funk, and R&B, which provided even greater inspiration than preceding genres. Since then, she's been releasing tracks with various elements mixed together, which makes such a unique and captivating soundscape as you can hear in this dark, melancholic and raw track. Her textured and relatively deep voice exudes a naturally soulful air that's perfectly suited to the trip-hop beats and R&B melodies.


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