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Killing Kenny goes country in energetic single '4th of July'

An artist that continues to evolve with each release, '4th of July' hears soft-rock artist Killing Kenny in a completely different light. Always coming across as innovative no matter what avenue he decides to write songs in, Killing Kenny is best described as a force to be reckoned with. Now back with, arguably, one of his strongest tracks to date, '4th of July' is a country-rock infused number taken from his forthcoming debut album, which is to be released tomorrow. Sharing his thoughts on the release, Killing Kenny shares, “I have always had a fondness for Country music and all things Americana, which I think started following a trip to Texas when I was in my teens and also thanks to places like the Grand Ole Opry in Glasgow, a very famous venue for Country and Western. Although I had never played Country music live, I thought as the new album was a very eclectic bunch of music styles taken from my life, it would lend itself to sneaking in a Country track. A perfect opportunity to write a toe-tapping upbeat song with the story of a young man's life going off the rails and finding himself on the wrong side of the law, in a true Country style!”

"4th of July" is out now and is the definition of a bop.

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