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King No-One delve into the unpredictability of chance in energetic belter 'Roll of The Dice'

Bold, brilliant and brimming with confidence York three-piece King No-One continue to excite with latest release ‘Roll of The Dice’. The track is a delicious mix of punctuating synths, driving percussion and a throbbing bass line all carefully crafted to underpin the anthemic cry of charismatic frontman Zach Lount.

Lyrically, ‘Roll of The Dice’ explores the notion of chance that winds its way through the fabric of all our lives. As Zach himself explains “I'm nonchalantly addressing the circumstances of which I was born into and my so far ability to make something of my time here. Life is ultimately down to chance and where you may strive for a lifetime for something, another person may just fall into that by chance. This world is crazy, and sometimes you have to just accept that you can only do so much - the rest is a roll of the dice.”

Since releasing their debut EP “OOMM” in March 2019 the group have gone from strength to strength, featuring on playlists such as ‘New Music Friday’, ‘The Indie List’ and ‘Best New Bands’ on Spotify. Furthermore, they have a hugely impressive live reputation boasting a sold out UK tour, BBC Radio 1 stage appearances at Reading and Leeds and brilliantly attended sets at the likes of Truck and Y-Not festival, TRNSMT and Tramlines.

In addition to musical success King No-One have grown a tremendous fanbase, forged via their shared values on social equality and progress. Indeed, this ethos remains at the core of 'Roll of The Dice' as the lyrical message emphasises the essentially random nature of the universe and its role in dictating who we are and how we spend our lives. A message that is perhaps more poignant than ever considering the events of 2020.


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