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Kirsty Belle releases ‘Blinded by Brawn’

They say that revenge is sweet, however, Kirsty Belle is delivering a slice of the sourest kind in her latest offering ‘Blinded by Brawn’.

Influenced by the destruction of her relationship with an unfaithful ex, Kirsty fuses sultry vocals and a captivating rhythm to create an aura that oozes redemption. Introducing intricate synths and a cool beat into the mix, she takes her difficult experience and turns it into a token of post-breakup optimism.

It isn’t the first time that the Scottish-born singer-songwriter has borrowed from her own personal experiences within her lyricism, her previous releases detailing her struggles with excessive partying and self-sabotage in a refreshingly honest light. After her relocation to Sydney, Australia in 2012, she discovered the ability to find therapy within music, and her sincerity is the secret to her star quality.

Having already tasted success with her single ‘Slave’, which saw streams soar over 79,000, ‘Blinded by Brawn’ is set to see Kirsty climb higher than she ever imagined.

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