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Klay Cartier releases atmospheric new single 'My Type'

Fresh on the scene with atmospheric new offering ‘My Type’, Klay Cartier clearly means business when it comes to music. Born in East St. Louis, Illinois and raised in Kansas City, Missouri he represents the best that the Midwest has to offer with his aggressive and playful rapping and his soft smooth singing - Klay is destined to be one of the biggest superstars of this generation.

Speaking about the infectious new single ‘My Type’, Klay shares, “My Type is all about the current situation this generation faces which is going after the same kind of person, over and over again expecting things to be different."

Usually our dating preferences are most likely a “type” rather than an actual preference meaning we go after someone who peaks our interest and sparks a fire in us but all to often that fire sizzles out quickly and leaves us colder and more broken than we were before, so we’re stuck in this cycle where we keep meeting the same person in different bodies because we haven’t learned our lesson and we’re not ready to go deep into that self reflection where we can actually confront and overcome this problem so instead we’re in a constant cycle of self sabotaging via dating people we know aren’t good for us. If you’re afraid to go against the grain then sadly all you’ll find is the same thing.”


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