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Klay Cartier reveals second single 'The Great Escape'

Eccentric artist Klay Cartier is back with his second single ‘The Great Escape’. Following in the footsteps of debut single ‘My Type’, Klay is once again out to showcase his ability to keep his fan base entertained. Receiving praise from the likes of NOTION, CLOUT & The Pit Ldn to name a few outlets, Klay’s future is certainly looking bright. R&B with elements of soul throughout, the new release feels like summer has come early.

Speaking about the new release ‘The Great Escape’, Klay explains, “The Great Escape is about the first taste of freedom. That time in your life where you’re fully in control of your life and your journey. It’s exciting yet terrifying because it provokes the question of,“What is the true meaning of freedom? What would you do if you had true freedom?”. To me this song reminds of a time in my life where I was fresh out of high school and I was in love, and we’d drive for hours exploring Kansas City, it was the first time in my life where I felt free.”


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