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Krsnafari and their powerful new EP 'The Last Of Us'

Forming in June 2020 The trio consists of Nitaiji, Jahraswati and Satnav. Each of them formidable spiritual healers in their own right. Joining forces in a collaborative effort to showcase their shared beliefs through creativity and musical expression.They're highly anticipated EP 'The Last of Us' is a beautifully arranged organic body of work. Flowing with heartfelt emotion and conviction, the intention was to create music that uplifted and enlightened listeners with positivity.

Using ancient mantras in their music to offer something uniquely different. The group tackle subjects and theme’s close to their heart including: Street crime, mental health and economic equality.

What makes the group so likeable is not just great music, but the relatability that they provide audiences and listeners.

The visual for the song is also incredibly shot matching the tone and vibe of the record. Shot across various locations in Morocco, the trio cover plenty of ground speaking their mind through their lyrics as the sunset settles on them.

Make sure you check out Krsnafari’s debut EP and music video here:


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