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Laurel Smith drops dark-pop gem - 'Game Over'

With an ever-expanding fanbase and a fun, commanding social media presence, it certainly seems as though North London’s Laurel Smith is on a steady climb towards teen pop stardom. Hoping to keep up her impressive pace thus far, Smith reveals her latest musical offering, the moody, synth-pop anthem ‘Game Over’.

Steeped in a deep, rumbling bass and cascading synth lines, ‘Game Over’ is a taste of the dark and mysterious side of Laurel Smith, an insight into the innermost workings of her mind and the importance of creative catharsis.

Here, Laurel Smith explains the meaning behind her track:

“ 'Game Over’ is a dark, atmospheric track with a driving chorus.

It’s about a vicious cycle: being in a situation which you try everything to get out of, but always finding yourself back in the same place you began. Like a character in a video game, every time you die you are regenerated at the start. I wrote the track during a low point in my life where I felt I had no control over anything anymore. I hope others can hear the song and identify with the same feelings I was experiencing."

Entirely self-written, ‘Game Over’ is not only a catchy little number but also a song with significant substance and emotional depth. Laurel speaks as herself, retelling the story of her being caught in an endless loop of sadness and chaos, seemingly due to a toxic relationship she can’t seem to get out of. She sings: “You say you'll catch my teardrops but your hands are never wet. I've been dreaming more 'cause yeah I like it in my head, I can't help but feel like I'm standing in for myself, watch her make the wrong moves wishing I was someone else” demonstrating a maturity well beyond her 18 years of age, and a raw, unwavering talent whose full potential we are yet to witness.

Stream 'Game Over' everywhere here.


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