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LDG Is LIKE cements his new album with the Spandau Ballet-sampling 'Cold Air'

Having already established himself on the scene with a wealth of rich and immersive releases these last few years, Ohio-based rapper LDG Is LIKE returns with his long-awaited new album 'I Was Perfect But You Ruined Me', featuring the shimmering new single 'Cold Air'.

Sampling that ever-iconic groove from Spandau Ballet's 'Gold' for the release, 'Cold Air' makes for an incredibly rich and dreamy listen. With his warm and bouncing flow riding across a smooth and laid-back production throughout, he is certainly looking to lure us in with this passionate new gem.

Speaking about his new track, he said, “The small details of relationships that men aren't allowed to speak aloud. The hardships of life. "Giving Out Warm Smiles and getting Cold Stares" "They ain't never had love and they don't care" "How am I supposed to be a man in this circumstance, how a king supposed to rule in a foreign land" "knowing her love conditional when it hit the fan, she uses my bond with the baby to enforce her plan"

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