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Leyla Diamondi preaches self-empowerment in "Broken Pieces"

"Broken Pieces" is the poignant single from young Greek-Turkish ballad talent Leyla Diamondi who uses a candid sound palette to curate music of insane intensity. Tapping at the crossroads of pop and piano rock, the track is a nuanced body of work. Oozing in authenticity, the vocals are swoon-worthy as they present grit, great sentiment, and spark. Connecting with the listener on a spiritual level, Leyla Diamondi preaches self-empowerment as the key ingredient to healing. "Broken Pieces" conveys a message which conjures the essence of the art of Kintsugi, where a broken item is repaired with gold to embrace the growth that came with the pain and fractures. Wrapped up in an angelic voice, the lyrics are raw and powerful. In the past, Leyla describes to have hidden behind production from fear of exposing her emotions, but with "Broken Pieces" she was able to break the boundaries and compose an intimate extravaganza that is worth every second of your time and more.


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