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LGBTQ+ star Domo Wilson reveals dream-pop infused contender 'Sweet Girl'

Social media icon and household name Domo Wilson returns with the empowering new single ‘Sweet Girl’. You may recognise the songwriter from her viral songs, or her former vlogging channel. There’s no denying that this powerful woman has the world in the palm of her hand. Released August 20th, the track is the perfect addition to Domo’s ever-growing discography. With over 368,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 8 million followers across her social media accounts, Domo is certainly the role model you’d want your kids to look up to. Having went viral on TikTok with bisexual anthem ‘Becoming Myself’, the LGBTQ+ artist has been going from strength to strength with each musical release.

Speaking about the glistening indie track, Domo shares, “Sweet Girl is everything to me. I wrote the song because whenever i get married i want it to be my first dance lol. No but seriously, sometimes I have a hard time expressing my feelings, so much is my gateway. Sweet Girl was me confessing my love to my sweet girl.”

Musically, ‘Sweet Girl’ is a dream-pop infused single that specialises in leaving fans wanting more. Bathed with indie rock sensibilities, the track screams individuality and feels like another step forward for the fascinating artist. Inspired to create a safe haven for her fans to forget about their worries and drift away to paradise, Domo Wilson stands for freedom and passion - everything you’d want from your new inspiration! Hearing the artist in a different light, the singer-songwriter and rapper still touches upon themes that the world needs more of. Ranging from mundane day to day activities to introspective themes tackling LGBTQ+ related issues, Domo is certainly an artist to look up to.

My most inspirational moment this year was definitely seeing Willow Smith putting out rock music like I've always wanted to. Seeing someone who looks like me, doing what I thought I could never definitely inspired my unreleased projects. Representation is so important and I know other little girls out there are feeling the same. I'm doing it for the culture, so other little girls who look like me can dream, nothing is impossible.” - Domo Wilson


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