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Lissy Taylor finds freedom in rock-driven single 'Wildflowers'

Right now, we're all craving those freedoms, however small or significant, that we've lost due to the continuing pandemic. One thing we still have is music; it's been a place of solace for many of us and that's certainly the message at the heart of Lissy Taylor's sophomore single 'Wildflowers'.

Hailing from Stoke-on-Trent, the young singer-songwriter went to high school in Kentucky, USA which has greatly influence her style, as we can hear through those subtle Americana nuances throughout this folksy indie-rock anthem.

“It is freedom that you can only give to yourself. It is a celebration of life coming into bloom and forgetting what weighs you down. It is growing to become something far more than what is expected of you. It is allowing yourself to flourish. Are you ready?” - Lissy Taylor

If you're loving the sound of 'Wildflowers', be sure to check out Lissy Taylor's debut release 'Mayday'.

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