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Lissy Taylor's Wildflowers EP is a breath of fresh air

As the UK hurtles into yet another round of various lockdowns, we're looking at our playlists with an eye to give them a breath of fresh air. Well, that's exactly what we've found with Lissy Taylor's Wildflowers EP.

In a world that's pivoted further and further towards over-produced pop, it's wonderful to hear a young musician offering up something that's real and gritty. The Stoke-on-Trent artist allows the natural complexities of her voice to warble, soar and growl with the riotous indie-rock instrumentation that acts as a consistent thread throughout the EP.

The point where Lissy Taylor is her boldest is in 'High', her blue-tinged angsty rock number that's all about the intoxicating feelings of lust and love. Those blaring choruses with '90s-style vocal echoes and fiery guitar riffs are unmissable moments.

'High' is joined by equally bold title-track 'Wildflowers', Americana-influenced 'Mayday' and quieter reflection 'Hold Me Forever'. Stream the EP on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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