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Listen to the sensational 'Magazines' from Emanuel's sophomore EP

At the start of the month, the Canadian-Ethiopian artist Emanuel releases his sophomore EP of the year - Session 2: Transformation. It's the second installment of his Alt Therapy series, the first being his Session 1: Disillusion featuring the unmissable collaboration with Idris Elba, 'Need You', which has currently racked up over four million streams on Spotify.

While there's plenty of fan favourites across both EPs, for us its the unexpected gem 'Magazines'.

Like much of Emanuel's music on the second EP, 'Magazines' is an ode to the divine feminine; of a woman's physical and spiritual beauty. However, this languorous RnB song also as a dark side, one that warns against giving your heart away all too willingly and taking everything and everyone at face value. It's testament to Emanuel's songwriting ability that he's able to translate this delicate subject into a recording that explores the emotional depths of the matter while retaining the artist's signature style.


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