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Litvar announces string of UK shows with exhilarating track 'Oh My God'

Litvar's single "Oh My God" has completely captivated me, solidifying them as one of my favorite bands this year. Their ability to infuse nostalgia and poignancy into their indie sound is truly remarkable. From the enchanting orchestral-like guitar arrangements to the ever-evolving drum patterns, every element feels like a masterpiece. The vocals, coupled with their unique dub-style effects, create a charming and relatable experience. I'm eagerly anticipating their upcoming album, Eloquently Aimless, as "Oh My God" has left me hungry for more of their enchanting melodies and catchy choruses. As a DIY band from Connecticut, they embody the essence of small-town bands making a big impact. Their music evokes emotions and transports listeners to a different time and place. With upcoming shows in the UK, I can't wait to witness Litvar's magic live and see them continue to win hearts worldwide with their raw talent and undeniable allure.

"A song about confronting ego, trying to improve your cognitive thinking and mental health. It was originally written in the summer of 2020, before our first album had even come out. And we've actually played it at every live show we've ever played! To us it kind of feels like the most "Litvar" song, does all of the things we like to do, melodic verses, huge choruses, choppy electronic effects.”


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