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Litvar's "Alone (Not Lonely)" is a must-listen for fans of underground indie music

Litvar's new single "Alone (Not Lonely)" is a must-listen for fans of indie-pop and alt-rock. The sarcastic love song is relatable, with self-aware lyrics that capture the struggle of trying to be sad in a cool way. The backstory of how the song was made is also interesting, as it shows how the band worked together to create the perfect feel for the recording. Litvar's upcoming sophomore album, Eloquently Aimless, is highly anticipated and is set to be released in September 2023. With their genre-blending sound and growing audience of sincere fans, Litvar is proving that small town indie-rock is having its heyday once again.

“We first started working on Alone (Not Lonely) in February of 2021, beginning with just a chopped guitar loop that became the backbone of the song. It ended up becoming one of our favorite songs to play live, so when it came time to record our second album it was at the top of the list. Recorded at New Monkey Studio (former studio of Elliot Smith), we tracked the bass, acoustic guitar, and drums live together, to try to give the recording the same feel that we put into our live performance.”


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