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‘Lockdown: Live’ is the new acoustic album from Issy Winstanley

UK songstress Issy Winstanley has released the perfect soundtrack for those days at home with her acoustic LP ‘Lockdown: Live’. The album consists of a collection of cover tracks from Issy and 9 fellow musicians, reimagining tracks all the way from The Weeknd to Harry Styles. The lo-fi compilation sees beautiful performances from all talents involved, as Issy showcases her versatility and sweetly-tinged vocals to an impressively high standard. The Cheltenham based star originally posted the covers on social media platforms, and after they were met with glowing reviews, she decided to release them on streaming sites for her fanbase to enjoy.

Issy explains: “During the beginning stages of lockdown, I was becoming increasingly anxious with the musical progress I had been making, becoming stinted by such a long break in live performance and practice. I always loved collaborating and bouncing off other artists, and I did not want the growth this facilitated to be hindered by months and months in quarantine. The idea for a new form of collaboration - all done virtually - came after I focused more time on learning the technological side of music and video production with so much time at home, and the free and simple methods I could make use of to deliver such collaborative content. I reached out to old and new musical friends and colleagues with the idea, and the response was overwhelming. So many artists were also keen not only to share creative ideas but also to share each other to our platforms. Over 9 weeks, I posted one new video each week to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, and the reception of these releases was amazing.”

She adds: “Since release, these collaborations have received over 16,000 views. Many people were asking myself and the other artists whether there was or going to be a method in which they could download or streams these covers - hence why I was so keen to release them as a stand alone album of duetted covers to major streaming platforms. I hope that, upon release, those people that enquired about their access to these songs enjoy their ability to stream at their own will, as well as others who may not have heard of myself, the other musicians or this project.”

Participating in many fundraising events, Issy has performed at many venues and festivals across the South West and Midlands including Cornbury Festival, Cheltenham Jazz Festival, Gloucester Quays Christmas Market and the Christmas Lights Switch On in Stourbridge. With her debut EP set for release in Spring 2021, Issy’s journey is one to keep an eye on.


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