London based artist Louis Vann Johnson reveals powerful offering 'Backfired'

A reflective number that has the power to heal any scars and comfort you, 'Backfired' is angelic. Lying somewhere between folk, soul, pop and R&B, the new single from South London based singer-songwriter Louis Vann Johnson will grip hold of you and never let you go. Definitely, a track that will pull at your heartstrings, this relatable number was written with Louis' friend Jordan Thomas.

On the enchanting new single, Louis Vann Johnson explains, “Backfired is about finding a relationship in a state of chaos. It explores the journey of recognising, understanding and eventually accepting that there are fundamental incompatibilities/differences in that relationship that cannot be solved overnight.

The song is the beginning of an inward journey where many people have found themselves. It also hints at possible compatibility but it is often hindered/restricted by deeper issues within each individual. Backfired is the first step on this inward journey on my E.P 34/7.”

As a multi-instrumentalist and producer, Louis refuses to be limited to one avenue with his music and comes across as a true, versatile player. Coated with a soothing soundscape filled with hope, ‘Backfired’ is dynamic and able to steal your full attention.

Stream the track below.