London-based rockers Ora Violet return with subtle but powerful 'Creep Negativo'

Ora Violet are back with new single 'Creep Negativo'.

If you love old school rock'n'roll and hate today's world leaders then this is for you.

Creep Negativo is gallows humor in song. Influenced by Lenny Bruce, Michael Spicer & Bill Hicks. Written as a boastful, first person narrative, an imaginary eavesdropping on a phone call, from an inebriated Boris Johnson to Nigel Garage, after the Brexit vote, discussing their populist hero, Donald J Trump.

Creep Negativo is also contradictions and bravado, the style we often see in todays politicians: “Choose your camp My Brother, I'm on your side forever, yet are left with Please don't choose me lover, I'll leave your side forever.”

Ora Violet explain: “With the US elections looming and the press dominated by Trump's daily scandals and missteps, Creep Negativo was inspired by the insane idea that our world leaders can be pussy grabbing, perma tanned epitomes of evil.“