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Loren Gray Drops First Independent Single "Piece Of Work"

Loren Gray is a self-made phenomenon with no limit to what she can achieve. At just 19-years-old, she’s already established herself as an entrepreneur who matches her unstoppable drive with authenticity and vision, garnering a feverish fanbase with whom Loren shares every high, every low, and everything else throughout her day-to-day life. With her magnetic vocals and heartfelt songwriting, Loren is now transforming her lifelong passion for music into a thriving and dynamic career as a fully independent recording artist.

Today, she marks a new chapter in her thriving career: the release of “Piece Of Work,” her first single & music video as an independent artist. A love letter to old-school pop, “Piece Of Work'' is an infectious, euphoric ode about embracing everything that you are and not accepting less than what you deserve when it comes to love.

Rather than conforming to what the industry wants (or expects) her to be, Loren is a solely independent artist that understands it’s her voice & vision, not someone else’s, that keeps her music authentic to who she is. Edgy & high-energy, unapologetic & empowering, Loren’s distinct brand of pop is built on the soul-baring, vulnerable honesty she’s always shared with her fans. Equal parts endearing and relatable, the L.A.-based artist maintains an unwavering commitment to her fanbase — using her day to reply to DMs, hosting live chats for her 90+ million followers, and spending as much time as possible with those who’ve stood by her over the years.

In a world where it feels like anyone can be crafted and shaped into becoming a star, Loren Gray’s strong artistic direction & intrinsic desire to stay authentic during every step of the creative process is what sets her distinctly apart from every other artist in her field. This uniqueness is likely why Loren first went viral as a young teen and has now amassed over 90+ million followers across her social media, garnered over 100 million streams, and accumulated more than 2.8 billion likes on TikTok.

The release of her single "Piece Of Work" represents more than just a new era for Loren as an independent artist — it is the dream she's had for as long as she can remember finally coming to life. A love letter to old-school pop, the track is an infectious, euphoric ode to not accepting less than what you deserve when it comes to love. With the release of “Piece Of Work” and her highly anticipated upcoming debut EP, Loren has approached the creative process with a greater sense of self-assurance than ever before as she zeroes in on one key goal: her genuine desire to empower her fans to accomplish their big dreams. “It’s so important to me that they know we’re in this together and that if I can do this, they can do it too.”

With the release of “Piece Of Work,” her highly anticipated body of work and her upcoming Snapchat reality show “Honestly Loren” out later this July, all eyes are on Loren Gray, but it’s okay — she’s used to it.

PHOTO CREDIT: Markus Klinko


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