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Lucia brings nostalgic dance-pop vibes with new EDM single ‘Don’t Tell Me’

Singer-songwriter and producer Lucia returns with the new single ‘Don’t Tell Me’, teaming up with producer Sam Lucas to bring nostalgic 80s dance-pop vibes to an explosive EDM track. Featuring palpitating basslines and scintillating drops, Lucia’s powerhouse vocals deliver earworm melodies, along with a healthy dose of candour through her unapologetic lyrics. Receiving recognition from BBC Hereford and Worcester, this is an artist en route to great things.

Lucia revealed more about her new release, saying: “I have developed a love of progressive dance music in a pop form and I’m having so much fun working on my new material. The final production is a collaboration between myself and EDM producer Sam Lucas. He took my original demo, which was already in the later production stages, and tweaked it to really give it the vibe I was looking for. I have recently been inspired by the likes of Camden Cox but with the strong vocal lines of Becky Hill. This is the sound I’m hoping to achieve. ”


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