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Mackenta's refreshing Life on Venus EP

As a man navigating Toronto's vibrant music scene, Mackenta's Life on Venus EP is a refreshing dive into the world of the feminine experience. It's a compelling lens through which I explore themes that often remain unspoken in society. Mackenta's smooth blend of alternative R&B and soulful melodies serves as a guide to understand the emotional landscape women traverse, an exploration both illuminating and inspiring. Her lyrical intricacies, especially in tracks like "VENU$" and "PLAY", paint an intimate picture of empowerment, vulnerability, and resilience. It's an education, offering me a perspective I hadn't fully considered. The EP's cohesive journey through various moods and emotions showcases the multidimensional reality of being a woman. Mackenta's project is a testament to relatability, authenticity, and the ongoing process of self-discovery. It's a doorway to empathizing and understanding the depth of experiences I might not encounter otherwise.

“For "Life on Venus" I wanted to make a project with a range of moods, emotions and experiences, and in particular, the feminine experience. That's where Venus came from; the themes in this project align with the symbolic meanings of the planet and the Goddess. There is so much multidimensionality to being a woman. There are moments of grace, and moments of rage. We can feel luxurious on some days and raw and uncomfortable on other days. We can be strong and vulnerable at the same time. I think there's so much pressure on women to be perfect, but I wanted to write about the real relatable experiences of women. Most of all I just wanted to write songs that make people feel empowered to be themselves, and I did that through expressing my own authentic self. "Life on Venus" captures different sides of me that I haven't showcased before; it's a R&B at its core but you can hear a lot of genres within that as well. I think there's a song for everyone, whether you want to cry or dance. If you listen closely you can hear the story of me putting my broken pieces together, and discovering who I am. This project happened so naturally and was a healing experience for me from start to finish.”

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