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Maddi Jane Releases 'FaceTiming Mom'

There is no stopping rising pop talent, Maddi Jane, as she resurfaces with a mature pop sound after her rise to fame as a singing sensation at just 12 years-old.

Ten years on from her burst onto the scene (appearing on The Ellen Show and hitting 34th on the Billboard charts and becoming a YouTube Pioneer) Maddi is back in a big way. Her gleaming pop track “Facetiming Mom” is a true testament to her hard work and growth as a singer and songwriter. The track flowers effortlessly from warm piano into glittering pop productions. With a warm chord progression and magnetic, empowering melodies ‘Facetiming Mom’, explores into the relatable challenges of moving to a new city. “'FaceTiming Mom' is a seemingly upbeat pop song, but don’t let the catchy rhythm fool you.” Maddi explains. “This song was written during my darkest days in Los Angeles as an artist. After being thrown around in the music industry throughout my childhood, this is a song about redemption and not giving up, regardless of who comes against you. Sometimes FaceTiming Mom is the best thing to do.” 'Facetime Mom' follows the successful June release of ‘Just Love’. With the promise of even more to come, Maddi has us on the edge of our seats.

Check it out below!

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