Maisie Gaffney shines in debut EP 'Escapes'

Delicate yet assured, the gloriously soulful sound of Gloucestershire based singer Maisie Gaffney is showcased perfectly in her debut EP 'Escapes'. With a a track list including covers by artists from Whitney Houston to Drake, Maisie demonstrates an innate flexibility and versatility well beyond her years. Her powerful voice effortlessly delivers beautiful results, transforming classic tracks into something uniquely distinct to Maisie.

Discussing the EP, Maisie explained: “During lockdown it was so depressing and the only way I was able to escape that was to listen and create music in my own little bubble. I want everyone to feel the same through music.”

Indeed, as we all head back into lockdown for the third time a little escape is surely something we can all appreciate making Maisie's EP the ideal sonic getaway!

Photo © Khali Ackford