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Manoel Tosto creates music to enjoy by the ocean

Having showcased himself as a rich and textured artist over the last few years with an array of sweet and seductive acoustic-led releases, Manoel Tosto drops his expansive new project Beira De Praia.

Full of sweet, subtle rhythms and dreamy guitar melodies, his latest collection is a wonderfully fresh and tranquil listen. Be prepared to be whisked away to a desert island soaked in the warm sun - carefree.

Beira de Praia was created on the island I’m living on near Salvador in Brazil”, Manoel explains. “The project is inspired by the simple sounds of nature. Like hearing birdsong in the morning, fishermen walking into the ocean or waves crashing on the shore. It’s an example of a day without haste or agony, of simple joy and total peace. It’ll transport you onto the island with me and help you feel the ease and calmness I was experiencing when I recorded it.”

Raised on a remote island on the east coast of Brazil, surrounded by jungle, plants and animals, Manoel finds truth, happiness and wisdom in nature. His musical roots lay in various genres, ranging from Blues to Reggae to Classical, knowing no cultural or musical boundaries.

It's a truly beautiful listen. Plug this in and watch your worries melt away.


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