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Marq Electronica Brings The Rave To Us With Single 'Wildlife'

Marq Electronica is back with another undeniable banger ready to lift your funk and bring the vibes straight to your lockdown bedroom this month. The vibrant vocalist and producer is based in Newcastle and is dipping his musical fingers into several pies. Whilst pursuing his dynamic solo musical ventures Marq also is a huge part of synth-rock band Sapien Trace, as well as organising musical events and performing for over a decade. Who knew there was so much time. With heavy influences from the likes of Missy Elliot, Daft Punk and Massive Attack, Marq has carved a perfect place for himself amongst the electronic landscape as he fuses varying genre foundations to create his carefully curate sound. His recent single is coming off the back of the hugely successful hit ‘In A City (Love)’ which has rightfully earned him over eighty-thousand streams on Spotify alone.

‘Wildlife’ is the fresh single from Marq dominating our playlists this month. Sculpted on a soundscape with striking synths and driving drum lines, ‘Wildlife’ is the innately infectious hit spicing up our lockdown with effortless energy and good vibes. Marq’s commanding vocals control this track, as he laments over the relentless boredom we have all experienced these past few months. Serenading the wildlife, Marq shares that universal experience we’ve all endured where the only thing to do is stare out your window and watch the wildlife - we’re just grateful Marq gave us a reason to smile about it.

"The world may be crazy right now so this is a moments release, a fun track we can all identify with to some extent.” - Marq Electronica

Trust us, we can all relate. With the release of this energetic, infectious track it’s evident Marq is building on his massive momentum as he continues to bring the vibes straight to our headphones.

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Listen to ‘Wildlife’ on SPOTIFY HERE

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