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Matilda Bond release signature sounding single "Meet Me In The Middle"

Matilda Bond are a musical collective from Brighton that have been making huge waves in the music industry. Their genre-bending sound has impressed tastemakers and fans alike, and we can only see them pushing further. Matilda Bond are back with a new song entitled "Meet Me In The Middle." Featuring grooving drums, swirling guitar melodies and irresistible vocal lines, the track is sure to pick you up and leave you wanting more.

Speaking about the single, they say: “‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is a song about feeling like a bad friend. It focuses on my struggle to be in two places at once and my hope that the closest people in my life still hold space for me in the moments when I can’t be present in our relationship. It speaks to the difficulty of balancing everything in life and still finding back to each other after a long period of silence.

‘Meet Me In The Middle’ is me asking that my loved ones keep me in their mind when I don’t have the mental space to communicate, and an explanation that even when I am in a bad place, they are still a massive part of who I am and are always in my mind.

It is written in the hopes that we figure it out together and meet somewhere in the middle.”

Matilda Bond are sure to make 2023 their year.


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