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Matilda Eyre and PALMR's alt-electronic track 'Water' is on repeat

There's just something so moreish about 'Water', the new single co-written and co-produced by Matilda Eyre and PALMR. The pair began recording 'Water' prior to the pandemic, although both retreated to their familial homes and later picked up the song by working together virtually - the age of technology truly is an amazing thing.

In a way, it's also appropriate that 'Water' is an electronic track; one that mimics the bubbles, trickles and currents of that organic element from which it takes it's name. Not only did they take inspiration from the dynamic sounds of water, but this song also celebrates the freedom to be found there too. As Matilda Eyre share, "'Water’ is about stepping into your truth, your strength and finally going for everything that is important to you. It’s finally leaving all the heaviness behind and being free to run towards your goals. The song is wrapped in a delicate story about losing someone close to you in the beginning of the journey.”


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