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May Rosa Produces Haunting Vocals On 'Gresham Street'

Northern Irish artist, May Rosa, has risen from the ashes to produce a new effort all about finding the happiness in the dark times.

The influences of Lana Del Ray and Bat For Lashes have helped the talented singer's creations come to life, with her own unique sound. Using her love of the 80's as well as producing narratives many can relate to, May has opened up with honest lyricism in 'Gresham Street' and it's one to admire.

The vocals are fresh and distinct, which is not surprising since she has a sound that stands her out from the crowd since her breakout in 2017.

The elements of nostalgia, clean-cut production and dreamscapes is what makes May Rosa an artist to keep an eye on.

Speaking on the track, May says:

“Gresham Street is about finding happiness in simplicity at a pretty bleak time in my life.” Explains May Rosa, “I had just broken up with someone, was very disillusioned and had abruptly left my life in London, moving back to my hometown of Belfast where I didn't know anyone anymore and had no idea what my next steps were. I had no money, no job and was completely lost. The song is about feeling content and free in being with someone regardless of the situation. I spent a lot of time in a dilapidated building where his art studio was - it was grim but I was really happy.”

You can listen to the track below.


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