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Mikano follows up EP with 'Tell A Lie' video

Not too long ago, the rapper and artist Mikano unveiled his new EP, AKWA II, and it came my way via the single 'Touché Coulé'. I could do a deep dive into this other EP track as well, but since it's a special video release, let's talk about that instead. Directed by Ferina and produced by Incendie, the music video puts into images the reflection of MIKANO behind ‘Tell a Lie’ through three touching scenes of everyday life. The finish of this interesting angle is exquisite with an exciting mix of freeze frames, screen pans, hypnotic zooms in and out, smooth transitions and pretty colour palettes. The team went to great lengths to establish three distinct chapters about the human condition with different lighting, time of day and settings making the compact stories easy for the watcher to jump in and out of. Of course, no visual is complete these days with a soundtrack and in 'Tell a Lie' I can really feel the tension of this track. With 'Tell a Lie', Mikano opens the door for the audience to also, proudly share their perspective on something they might have been ashamed of talking about before.


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