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Milton Keynes Singer C Scarlet Debuts Infectious Song "Do You Wanna"

Watch out, world: the girl from Milton Keynes is ready to take over. Genre-bending singer C Scarlet debuts her new single — "Do You Wanna" — an infectious summer bop inspired by a concept we can all get behind: being able to dance at clubs, bars, and everywhere else again. 'Do You Wanna' is a fun, flirty song which makes you want to move,” C Scarlet explains. With more and more concerts and clubs opening, C Scarlet became inspired by the future nights out everyone is so desperate to have. “I wanted to write and release a feel-good dance track, ahead of clubs and the music scene reopening.”

Blending in influences from everything from pop to R&B, "Do You Wanna" has it all: lush vocals, catchy lyrics, and a beat that makes you do nothing but dance. If you're looking to break free from reality this weekend and find some instant serotonin and euphoria, look no further than"Do You Wanna".


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