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Mira Sthira returns with mesmerising new single 'Let The Armor Go'

After developing her distinctive direction with a flurry of impressive releases such as "My Future Partner', 'The Woods’, ‘Sink Down with Me’, ‘Move with My Body’, and ‘Weird Girl’ over the last few years, Maine-based singer-songwriter Mira Sthira continues her mesmerising ways on the shimmering new gem 'Let The Armor Go'.

Capturing more of that rich and dynamic atmosphere she has built a reputation for since she first emerged, 'Let The Armor Go' makes for a captivating addition to her ever-growing catalogue. Filled with bright and sweeping textures, soaring tones, and her own majesty voice at the helm, this new one makes for a beautifully alluring listen from start to finish.

Speaking about 'Let The Armor Go', she said, “It means that it's safe to open up again and to trust myself enough to know who to let in. It's about being brave enough to be close to someone again.”

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