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"Missing In Action" is the strikingly poignant track from Tycho Jones' Negative Space EP

I'm absolutely thrilled to dive into Tycho Jones' newest track release "Missing in Action" as it marks a super exciting new addition to their catalog. This indie-pop gem from their Negative Space EP delivers a sonic experience that leaves me utterly captivated. The track showcases Tycho's exceptional talent for crafting striking, poignant lyrics that resonate deeply while keeping me hooked with infectious melodies. The balance between intimate verses and anthemic choruses perfectly showcases their ability to create relatable and catchy hooks. Tycho Jones' ability to combine sincere pensiveness with catchy alt-pop melodies and rhythms is simply mesmerizing. The release of their new EP has truly elevated their artistry to new heights. While previous singles, "Pink + Blue" and "Risk To My Reward", hinted at their eclectic and dazzling indie sound, "Missing in Action" completes the trifecta with its explosive and cathartic energy. I eagerly anticipate more of their captivating music and can't wait to see where their musical journey takes them next.

“Missing in Action is about inner conflict, losing someone very dear and knowing they're gone. Hoping they might come back or respond one day…”


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