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Mntgmry reveals romantic number 'Imperfect Love'

Dropping just before Valentine's Day, this release will certainly make your heart melt. Watch the video, for instance, instantly grabbing you in with its natural energy, 'Imperfect Love' is the latest offering from US based artist MNTGMRY. Speaking about the glistening new single ‘Imperfect Love’, mntgmry shares, ““This song was written to surprise-propose to my amazing girlfriend of eight years at a small New Year’s Eve gathering of our closest friends.

I had been deliberating proposing for about six months, but I just couldn’t decide exactly what to do. I wanted to do something very special for her because she’s so fantastic, but I just couldn’t figure out something special enough.”

Raised in Atlanta by a saxophone-playing Jewish father from Philadelphia and a soul music-loving mother from the deep south, mntgmry crafts soulful music with NuFunk elements throughout. A six-song debut EP with music videos is headed for the internet in early 2022, as well as a simultaneous six-track release of lofi beats, remixes, and instrumentals by popular demand. Make sure your dancing shoes are ready!


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