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Mod10 share their inner fighter in new release 'Blank Canvas'

"Blank Canvas" is the exceptional new release from American based duo Mod10. Consisting of Matt Kohn on lyrics and vocals, and Sam Carlen on production, the sensational rap track flows freely with confidence and individuality. Receiving attention via the streaming world, the duo have over 90,000 streams on Spotify alone across three previous singles.

Speaking about their thoughts on the instant classic, Mod10 state, “It’s about making your inner vision come to life and the various paths that can lead you there. Prioritizing money, fame, health, happiness, friends, family, in one big balancing act… if I live what I’m dreaming, that means I sleep while I’m standing.”

Speaking about their musical message, Mod10 share, “We want people (hopefully our fans) to think for themselves, do their own fact-checking, don't take things at face value (from ANYONE), and consider points of view from ALL sides, regardless of who tells you it's wrong to do so. We believe people are smart enough to figure things out on their own and every single person has the capability to be great if they so choose to do so.”

Mod10 are definitely up there with our favourite rap duos.

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