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Mokita releases 'Bad'

An effortlessly captivating indie-pop track, the new single ‘Bad’ by Mokita is indicative of boundless potential. Featuring breathy harmonies and staccato string plucking, the ethereal verses merge into an explosive chorus driven by a strong bass and kinetic beat. The whole song complements Mokita’s agile vocals with measured and nuanced production, creating a summery haze of hit-worthy electro-pop.

Originating from North Carolina, John Luke Carter began learning classical piano at the age of six, and turned his hand to guitar-playing and songwriting in adolescence. Drawing inspiration from the likes of John Mayer and Jackson Brown, it wasn’t until John-Luke relocated to Nashville after college that he adopted the name ‘Mokita’ and began applying his classical training to his work as a refined electronic producer. From here, he gained widespread attention online since he first released solo material in 2016, and with the glistening new single ‘Bad’, it seems that even more recognition is inevitable for Mokita.


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