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'Mr. Rocknroll' is Sam Himself's latest moody indie-rock number

In the run up to his next album, Never Let Me Go (due out January 27th), the "king of tears" Sam Himself is swapping out one nickname for another for his new single and music video. He embodies the identity of 'Mr. Rocknroll' in this moody indie-rock number that bounces on a vibrant bass line and comes to further to life with a scaling synth. I'm really drawn to this contrast between deep bass notes and lighter electronic tones, it's such an interesting listen that keeps you involved throughout the whole track. There's also the signature addition of Sam's husky voice singing his thoughtful poetry: "What doesn't kill you might not get you out of bed / But would it kill you to brighten up just a tiny bit / Try a little more teeth, a little less tragedy / Take a risk, miss a beat / Give us one more reason not to leave." It's clear that Sam's rock'n'roll character is encouraging us to take a few more risks rather than living in a life of regret, because what's the worst that could happen? Not only could I not take my ears away from this intelligent indie track, but the music video is well worth a watch too. Directed by Raya al Souliman, the video takes place all inside one empty café with the lonesome figure of Sam Himself rocking out. And now I'm rocking out too.


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