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Nashville based singer-songwriter Gatton releases EP 'juvenescent'

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Gatton is to release his EP ‘juvenescent’ on April 30th. The intimate 4-track release reflects Gatton’s fascination with human existence and the meaning and purpose behind our lives. The EP is preceded by lead single ‘playing pretend’ out on April 23rd, a track which oozes childhood innocence and comfort.

“playing pretend was written in a season of a lot of realizations about growing up. It is a recognition of the blinding innocence that childhood often possesses. The song to me journeys through reconciling the disappointments that can come with seeing the world for what it truly is...” Gatton offers.

In everything he creates, Gatton longs to subtly portray the concept that we as human beings are more the same than different. His lyrics often highlight the harmonious coexistence of life’s juxtaposing concepts: the bravery and the fear, the love and the loss, the beauty and the pain and the beginnings and the ends, and how bringing all of these things to every place is vital in living wholeheartedly. Gattonhopes his music will provide peace, new realizations, and shifted perspectives as he shies away from no subject in an effort to make vulnerability contagious

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