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New artist Mighloe release beautiful R&B ballad 'Sunflower'

Listening to 'Sunflower' from Toronto-based artist Mighloe, you can't deny the divine quality of her vocals. They're a gorgeous example of versatile R&B vocals that we don't all too often hear in these days of autotune and heavy production in more contemporary R&B tracks. Now, it's not that 'Sunflower' isn't a modern song, it certainly does possess those future-soul traits, but Mighloe doesn't fall into the expected tropes of compensatory beatwork. Rather, the Canadian musician follows her heart and allows the simplicity of each element - vocal, guitar, percussion - to shine for themselves.

It's an extremely intimate track, made all the more so by the accompanying music video. Directed by Dizzy Dinero, the sun-drenched nature visuals portray a perfect life, which comes in direct contrast to the lyrics which tell the story of betrayal and heartbreak.

As Mighloe poignantly states, 'Sunflower' is about "pay[ing] homage to my pain, and feel[ing] powerful in my scars."

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